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About the KCTS

The Kootenay Columbia Trails Society is a registered, non-profit society, based in Rossland B.C., funded by and serving the communities of the Lower Columbia region. We exist to manage, maintain and develop a regional network of recreational trails for a variety of non-motorized trail users. These trails serve as a popular amenity for local residents, and as a significant draw for visitors.

The Society is governed by a dedicated volunteer board, and operations are carried out by an experienced professional trails manager and crew. Most of our trails are located on private property, and public access is only made possible by the generous cooperation of the landowners, who enter into insured agreements with the Society.

Our combination of sustained public funding, access to private land, professional trail management and partnerships with dedicated volunteers and community members is widely regarded in BC as the benchmark for successful community trail development. Many communities would like to emulate our model and we are happy to share our experience in the interest of broader community health and wellness.

The KCTS depends highly on public support to make the trail network better each year. Some of the ways you can help include becoming a member, a local business supporter, volunteering, or making a donation.

KCTS AGM 2014 held at the Fire Hall, Rossland.

The KCTS Trail Maintenance Crew from 2013 (L-R: Jacob, Brad, Cam, and Stew)

Photo: Art Harrison

Some of the 2012 KCTS Directors having a meeting atop the Antenna Trail (Montrose).

KCTS Mission

The KCTS is guided by a strong mission and set of values that are core to achieving our vision of providing the best trail network possible to the communities that we serve. Our mission is to partner with local communities and other stakeholders to provide a network of recreational trails for non motorized users in the Lower Columbia region.

KCTS Values


Decision making based on our Mission, Values , and Guiding Priorities


High quality professionally managed trail network


To all stakeholders including users, members, landowners, insurance providers, volunteers and funders


Realizing that our users depend on us to keep the network remarkable for years to come, and that landowners expect respect for the environment

Focusing on non motorized activities to, from, and during use of our trails

Trail development that minimizes future maintenance

Pursuing opportunities to ensure permanent funding


Inclusive of all KCTS trail network users in the Lower Columbia region


Engaged users, members, management, volunteers and board members to ensure the support needed to maintain a vibrant and successful organization


Use of resources to service large segments of the population

Partnering with organizations and individuals to achieve common goals and create value for our community